Personal Style Project: What Do I Have?

Since I am a lazy person most of my clothes end up on the floor of my closet (I have a walk-in closet of about 4m x 1 m). It’s not practical or pretty and pretty much nothing good comes of it. So, last weekend I did some closet cleaning, in part because I knew that I would focus on what I have for this upcoming part of Retrochick’s personal style guide.

I decided to focus on my regular wear. I, obviously, have some maternity and nursing wear, but I consider those as temporary parts of my wardrobe that will be discarded when the need for them disappears. Some of these items are hand-me-downs from my sister and bought according to her style, but I’m still making use of them for now. There’s no point in buying a full maternity and nursing wardrobe for a limited period of time. Call me cheap, I’d rather invest in long-term items.

So, of my regular wear I know that I have a lot of clothes. Still I often feel like I have nothing to wear. This is because in the past I’ve often bought clothes and fabrics that I like, but not necessarily go with anything in my wardrobe. I need more planning when acquiring new clothing.

As I took all of my clothes out for folding I also wrote down what I have in each category (tops (short and long sleeved), pants, skirts, dresses and shirts/blouses). Some of the clothes went immediately into the throw/donate pile; clothes that don’t fit and clothes I simply don’t wear. The condition of them will decide if I should donate them or harvest them for notions and throwing them out. Anyway, as for the clothes I did keep there was an abundance in skirts, dresses and shirts/blouses. Some of the skirts are pencil skirts, while I like them they are not practical for my life situation right now, and others are in a fun, colourful prints and hard to match. I probably need to break down even further what I do wear and want to wear and work from that. As for shirts and blouses, I have plenty and probably don’t need any more right now. It is good to have stricter clothes if it’s a special day at work (important meetings and such), but I do have enough for those special days, which do not come very often. Dresses are both for work and play and I like dresses (who doesn’t?) and most of my dresses aren’t restrictive so I don’t think I will get rid of many of them. Perhaps I will work on replacing some of the less flattering ones, but that will be an effort over time.

What I lack are more casual, but still work-appropriate, tops and layering pieces. Sometimes I wish I did like to knit after seeing so many cute cardigans pop up all over, but I don’t. I need to find a way to get appropriate and practical layering pieces into my wardrobe without too much retail shopping.

Since I will be on maternity leave for almost a year (starting on Mar 13, the countdown has begun) I feel that sometime during that year I will have the time to really evaluate my wardrobe and thoroughly think about what I like and use and, in some way, get rid of the rest.

So, now that I’ve figured out what I like, who I am and what I have the next step is to figure out what I need, even though it was somewhat addressed in this post.


2 thoughts on “Personal Style Project: What Do I Have?

  1. Why aren’t you make a swap thing with your clothes? As you said, there are some type of clothes what you only need for temporarily, and sometimes we need some style change. As you are going to maternity leave, you don’t need that much “elegant stuff” – as an example, I am going back to work soon from maternity leave, and I have to get some pieces what I can wear in the office. 🙂 So, just make a post about the clothes you don’t want anymore, and let’s see if someone has something what you really like to wear 🙂

    • It would work if I was confident about the state of my clothes. I think many of them are too worn to be donated and then I can’t give them away either. Once I’m making the final cleaning perhaps I can throw some things up here, if I’ll value it to be worth the effort.

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