Throwing Out Me-Mades

As I’m doing my wardrobe evaluation and cleaning it will become inevitable that some of the clothes in the pile of never-worns will be me-made. It is probably mostly old stuff, from the beginning of my sewing days, but there may also be some wadders and stuff that just don’t fit me. Still, it’s hard to part with the clothes because I have put in time and effort into them.

The next issue is what to do with them. As with all clothes that find their way out of my wardrobe there are essentially three options. Refashion, donate and throw away (after harvesting useful notions). There are pros and cons to all three options.

I will try and refashion those clothes where fabric isn’t the issue, it can rather be a bad fit, bad fabric-to-pattern combination, bad sewing. This requires work and may involve butchering a garment that pretty much works and not get a new garment in the end. I will have to take the whole process, from fabric and pattern selection to finished garment as a learning curve.

The clothes I’m not satisfied with at all will undergo a harvesting for useful notions (mainly zippers and buttons) before being thrown out. This will be clothes I never wear, due to bad fit, bad fabric, bad pattern. While I know I never wear the clothes and that they, in fact, will be more useful as notions, it is sad to throw them out.

Then the donation pile. Do I have clothes that are good enough for others to wear even if I don’t like them myself? I would not donate anything with bad sewing or a weird fit (not just on me, but bad pattern drafting, off-grain, fabric stretch). Has anyone donated anything home-made? Does it feel weird knowing that someone else out there may wear your clothes? It would be fun to put a note with contact details “If you buy this item it was handmade by me” and my e-mail. Would you contact someone through a note like that? Either way, I’m not sure I have many me-mades that would be good enough for donating.

I already have a few pieces that I’m not completey satisfied with, so I’ll give them a rundown on whether they are refashion or donation worthy or will just be butchered.

Yes, another pictureless post, too many of them lately, but I’ve had a rough week at work and I’ve been so tired when I’ve gotten home so I haven’t had any energy for sewing. Hopefully I’ll get some work done on my new project, The Bow Dress, this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Throwing Out Me-Mades

  1. I’ve donated me-mades before, but I’m not sure they actually get through the process and into the local thrift stores or not.

    • That’s a good point, too. If I don’t think a certain garment would make it through the process it is more valuable for it’s notions than to just get thrown away. So much to consider.

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