Personal Style Project: What Do I Need?

I’ve already glanced at this topic during my “what do I have?” post, but I figured I should follow through with all posts. When I counted my items for that portion it was quite obvious what I was missing. Tops and layering pieces.

I have many shirts and blouses, but my selection of simple knit tops, both with short and long sleeves, is limited. And since I need comfort in my life knit tops are essential. I’ve finally conquered knits and I’m even thinking of getting a serger so I’m tempted to make more of those, they’re so forgiving, easy and simple to wear. There’s a reason why I’m currently hovering the magazine rack at the grocery store in search of Burda 02-2013 with several great knit tops.

The other thing I’m lacking in is layering pieces. I do find them hard to shop for, both at flea markets and RTW. Plus, with my lack of knit tops I don’t have much to layer over and it’s been a catch-22. I wish I liked to knit so I could make my own cardigans, but I just haven’t fell for it. Therefore I’m putting my trust mainly to flea markets. During the me-made months I’ve seen so many cute layering outfits, I want to look cute too! As for blazers and jackets I slowly turning around into liking their look, but it sits deeply with me. The first jacket I got was a Christmas gift when I was 18, a corduroy, very boxy jacket. I felt very butch in it, not my style at all and therefore thought that blazers were not for me. (For some reason when thrifting last year I picked up another corduroy jacket, I think that will go back into the donation pile. What was I thinking?) But I’ve seen other cute, lightweight jackets, feminine, well-drafted, with a shape. So I want at least one jacket to throw over clothes, but at the point I don’t know if it will be self-made, thrifted or RTW.

My first step will be to stack up on knit tops and dresses while also trying to find layering pieces. Once I have those in place I will focus on making my wardrobe more coherent, by replacing the skirts and dresses that don’t really go. I’m making it sound like I’ll be done by the end of the month and that I’ll truly stick to my plan, but I know that that’s not the case. Perhaps I’ll take a top break and throw in a skirt (not to mention that I “have” some skirts in my fabric stash) and some clothes will not be sticking to my plan at all, but I have a clearer idea of what I want and need now.

We’ve come to this, the end of series. I’ve covered what I like, who I am, what I have and now what I need. I will work more with colour palettes and usability, not just “oh, a pretty fabric!”. I really like using contrast in colour and texture so I will explore more in that area.

I would also like to thank everyone who has commented with your tips and thoughts. It seems like you all think I should wear more bright colours as opposed to neutrals (which I like, but confirmation is always good) and that I should wear figure-conscious clothing. I was tipped on the Tiramisu dress, which I’ve drooled over for a while, I think I need to order it. It is clear that I do have my work cut out (pun unintended) for me. As well as having two children. Well, I’m not in a hurry…


4 thoughts on “Personal Style Project: What Do I Need?

  1. You might want to add some pants to that list– you won my Sewaholic giveaway! Congrats! Can you send me your mailing address so I can get that sent out to you? You can contact me at sunnyb64 at yahoo dot com.

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