New Acquisitions


Last week the flu struck upon our household. All of us were sick, the kiddo, the husband and I, to various degrees. It was pretty much a lost week in my book, I have nothing to account for it. The saddest part was that on the Saturday I was going to see Chess in Gothenburg with my MIL and SILs, however that had to be cancelled for me. Luckily they were able to find a friend to get the ticket, it would have been a waste of a ticket otherwise. But I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t go.

Therefore the dress I’m currently working on is in the same state as it was one week ago, and is running the risk of being over-designed if don’t finish it soon instead of adding more and more ideas to it. I still have buttons and buttonholes to sew (small ones, I hate those) as well as finishing the hem, which I will do using bias tape.image

I’ve had some pattern acquisitions as well. I finally got hold of the Burda 02-2013, which has received plenty of praise for the knit tops. I’m already planning the 109 knit top in a Bordeaux viscose jersey, i.e. very similar to the magazine version. One thing I wonder about this magazine is what happened to the 115 maxi dress? It has just disappeared from my version, both the layout and the pattern. Such a shame, since it was an interesting design. Is it in other countries’ Burdastyle and has just disappeared from the Swedish one? I’ve asked the team on Burdastyle, let’s see if I’ll get a reply, otherwise I’ll look into it more, I liked the design.


See, skipping from 114 to 116

Another new pattern to my stash is the Sewaholic Thurlows. I won Becky of Sew-And-So’s Sew Grateful giveaway in which the prize was a Sewaholic pattern of your choice. It was a tough desicion since so many Sewaholic Patterns are lovely designs, but I settled on the pants for a basic piece, which I hopefully can use many times. At the point I’m more watermelon than anything else, but there will come a time when regular clothing will fit me again.

Looking at the map of Vancouver I figured I must have crossed Thurlow on one of our walks around town, which was almost 2 years ago and before the Thurlows were released (the only pattern back then was Pendrell, and we walked on that street too). Just a little point of useless trivia.


6 thoughts on “New Acquisitions

  1. That’s so strange that an entire pattern is missing like that! I hope you get a positive response. (And I’m rather curious as to what this dress looks like!)

    • There is actually another one – 131 – missing as well, which is in fact even weirder because it is depicted in the layout, the 115 dress is just gone. But I probably wouldn’t have made the 131 either way so I don’t really care about that one.

  2. Is 115 the sewing course pattern in that issue? If so, it will be at the end of the pattern pages, before the craft patterns. There is usually a little box on the main pattern pages, but I think it has been missed before.

    I wouldn’t be too disappointed about missing Chess. I’ve been going to musicals for about 40 years (mum started taking me when I was very young) and Chess is the only one I’ve walked out of at the interval because it was just soooo bad.

    • No, it’s not the sewing course, it’s just missing. It’s just been removed altogether from my issue, there’s not a layout picture for it either. It’s just weird.

      I’m still allowing myself a bit of disappointment, I was excited to see Chess, because I haven’t really grasped the story.

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