Diaper Bag Project

Let the nesting begin! Although this is my first day of  maternity leave, the nesting feeling hasn’t quite kicked in yet, perhaps it will start once I’m just at home waiting for the baby to arrive. However, I thought my next project would be something I could use for myself and the baby, a diaper bag.

The fabric is a light green polka dot cotton. It was second assortment, but looked fine anyway so I bought it for a spring coat. After washing it I noticed that the colour was coming off in certain places, regularly, and since the pattern planned was a coat there was no way of working around it. The fabric became a lost soul without an intended purpose and since it’s damaged I knew it wouldn’t be highly prioritised and since it’s not a fashion fabric I need to expand my views and make it into something non-clothing. Staying at home with a baby I probably don’t need too much fashion clothes, plus it’s hard to know what will fit me in a few months time, however I do need a diaper bag. So I figured my ill-fated fabric could work for that as it is rather sturdy and I don’t care so much about the discolouring for a diaper bag.Skötväska 001

I searched the web and ended up with this pattern. Hopefully, it will be a useful bag for me, whether it will be for diapers or something else.

*WARNING* Parental bragness coming up! Skötväska 002

Like the proud mum I am, I must show off the kiddo’s progress. While I was on the floor tracing the pattern, he wanted to join in and grabbed a pen of his own. For one of the first times ever he wrote down the first letter of his name. Such a skilled guy!


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