Quite a Slogan

I’m almost finished with my self-made diaper bag and I’m not quite sure about it. It seems a little too casual, but then again I won’t bring it to any fancy places while being on maternity leave. I also worry that it’s a bit too bulky due to my fabric choices. I still have to assemble the main bag to the lining which includes fastening the straps and closure tab.

Hopefully, I can present my new bag this upcoming week, unless I get busy giving birth or something (my due date is April 1st and the kiddo was 5 days late so I have no high hopes of that, but one never knows. Although I’m not quite prepared, so I might need to go shopping one of these days).

I had bought big snaps, one of which I used for my bag. I just love the slogan of the company. First of all the brand is Essentials by Whitecraft. And then the slogan at the bottom of the pack.

SnapsFor all your haberdashery needs.
In deed.

(I think I like the word haberdashery so much that I’ll change my (very small) notions category to that name).


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