Polka Dot Diaper Bag

I finally finished my Polka Dot Diaper Bag. But I haven’t really decided if I like it. The size is good and I’m pretty pleased with my colour choices (considering the accents were from scraps I had at home), but it feels a bit bulky. I guess I’ll have to use it and see if it fulfills my needs.

Skötväska, framThe main fabric (green with polka dots) is a sturdy cotton. The accent in the front of the bag is a dark green courdoroy. Many fabrics were in the running of accent fabric, but they did not good. Luckily I found this courdoroy in my stash and the piece I had left was just enough for what I needed. There is a pocket in the front, a seam runs down the middle and the right part (of the picture) is also divided so there are three pockets in the front.

Skötväska, bakThe back, although a bit hard to see, has two pockets.

Skötväska, stängningThe bag closes with a big snap (for all my haberdashery needs). The pattern called for a magnetic clousure, since I had no such thing I went with what I had.

Skötväska, inutiThe inside is fully lined, in this picture you can also see the bulkiness of the bag which is my main concern, it’s plenty of layers. I added a simple pocket on the inside as well, About 2/3 of it closes with a button, on the right is a cell phone slot.

Project summary:

Pattern: Detour Diaper Bag from Makebabystuff.com
Alterations: Just simple modifactions such as adding the inside pocket, closing with a snap and so on. The pattern is easy to customise.
Difficulty: Easy. The most difficult part is the curved seams in the bottom and the fact that these curved seams are sewn through several layers.

Fabric: Sturdy cotton (main), corduroy (accent), cotton sateen (lining)
Notions: Button, interfacing, snap, thread.

Estimated price: Fabric 108 SEK (€12.97), notions 15 SEK (€1.80). Total 122 SEK (€14.65)

Project Rating: A simple project which was just what I needed. Since the bag was finished today it hasn’t been used and properly evaluated. It’s a pretty good bag pattern actually, it’s just that my fabric combination wasn’t the best.


3 thoughts on “Polka Dot Diaper Bag

    • Perhaps that’s true about diaper bags. I’ve used it a few times and it’s a good size, although I haven’t begun filling it with diapers yet.

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