Me-made Shoes

I was packing my hospital bag yesterday. Yep, one week before due date I figured it was about time to do that. I reviewed several lists on the internet and the one given to me by my midwife to see what I needed. All the lists I found pointed out the need of comfortable indoor shoes, so I went to my trusty custom-made ones, only to realise that they could be featured in a post here, since they are me-made.

Me-Made ShoesWhen I was in high school I did a two week internship at the department of prosthetics and orthotics (which did not lead me down that career path, but I digress). As a task to try out the work I, with help and proper guiding, made these shoes. They are custom-made for my feet and some 11 years later still fit like a glove.

Funny thing is, before I made these shoes I was complaining about the fact that my feet differ in one size from one another (my left foot is one size bigger than my right) and when I made the casts for the shoes the engineer helping even commented on my different sized feet.

Anyway, I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before, that I actually have some me-made shoes. Indoor shoes, but still.


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