‘Tis a Sad Day

Some time ago, as I was washing my Flouncing Sleeves Top it came to close to the washer’s edge and got a lot of stains on it. Yes, it got dirtier by being in the wash. Since then I’ve tried to wash it again, using stain remover and other tricks, but those stains remain.


Perhaps I haven’t tried every trick in the book, but I think it’s time to let the top go. Other clothes which have had the same problem have had their stains removed, but for this one they are really set. The top has been washed several times, which has perhaps set the stains even more, without result.

The top is by no means perfect in construction or technically, but it is easy to wear and match and has helped me through several me-made months. Plus it was one of the first knit tops I made so it holds a special place in my heart. This is hard, should I keep it just because of that? Make a new one? Or does anyone have any magic stain remover tips?


4 thoughts on “‘Tis a Sad Day

    • I don’t know, it is pretty damaged. The stains are not very clear when not in the light, but if I were to wear it I would worry that I looked unpolished. It’s hard…

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