March Thrifting

The last Saturday of the month means that the local flea market is open. I missed it last time due to the flu, which was probably a good thing since I got to see a little bit of rotation since the last time I was there.

I was initially hoping to find some toys to put in the kids’ (kiddo and his two cousins) easter eggs, but the toys at this particular flea market is not good. Lot of plastics (all pretty much crap) and stuffed animals, which I don’t want to buy second-hand. So, I focused my attention on shopping for me instead.

March Thrifting 003I have been looking for a smaller ironing board (I have no idea of the name in English, I’m not even sure I know it in Swedish) for ages. Perfect for ironing sleeves, pants and other small parts. I’ve been looking in several supermarkets, but I probably should have looked in haberdashery stores. Anyway, by chance I stumbled upon this today and for a mere 20 SEK (€2.40) it came home with me. I think I need to redo the padding, but I hope that’s not a big issue. (We went to the garden centre on Thursday and I finally could pick up a new water bottle as well – which was more expensive than the ironing board)

2013-03-30, Blus

I really liked this blouse and it seems comfortable. It’s in my regular size, so I hope it fits once my belly is gone. There could be a gaping issue at the neckline, but I think that can easily be fixed. As I was browsing tops and blouses I realise that I find it very difficult to shop for those things, I don’t know what I want and how to match my often printed skirts. That is an issue I need to address. Another issue I need to address is a wardrobe cleaning as I’ve just been adding stuff lately without removing (I did throw out a little a while back and I have a “donate” bag as well, I probably just need to do a better job)2013-03-30, ByxorThese are cargo pants, not full length. I figured they’d be good for summer, in hoping that they fit – they are my regular pants size. Casual pants for wearing at home (so I don’t fall into the sweatpant trap) or outings. For the pants and the blouse I paid 30 SEK (€3.60).

I’m really getting into buying second-hand, now I just need to start refashioning as well, so far all my second hand clothes are “off the rack”. But it’s been a while since I shopped retail.


5 thoughts on “March Thrifting

  1. Oooh you lucky duck! I’ve been looking for a little sleeve board for a while. I’ll have to start frequenting the flea markets some more!

    • That’s a better response than my husband’s who totally couldn’t understand my excitement over it, even though I told him that he’s free to use it for his shirts.

  2. We have one of those little boards at sewing class and I find it extremely helpful! Also, I just wanted to let you know that I passed a Liebster blog award to you. I’ve finally come out of March’s hibernation. 😉

    • We had one of those in junior high (which was the last time I took any kind of sewing class) and I miss it every time I press a sleeve. I think this particular flea market has a lot of estate donations, which goes with my theory that the only ones too appreciate small boards are old people and sewists!

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