The Great British Sewing Bee

As I don’t have the energy to sew myself it is great that there now is a show that allows me to watch others sew, The Great British Sewing Bee. It is the quest to find Britain’s best amateur sewer and each week the sewers are given three tasks; to work with a pattern, to alter a garment and to make a made to measure garment. Just what all the sewers around the world are doing daily!

I really like watching this show and it’s a bit sad that there only is four episodes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a second season! What I like most are the first two tasks of the episode, the pattern challenge and the alteration challenge. It shows us, the public, what differences fabric choices, personal style and creativity can make even though all the garments follow the same basic pattern or garment. Each piece is individual, the may share the cut, the basic colour, but in the end all sewers have presented a unique garment. That is cool and the reason why many of us sew.

Have you watched this show? What do you think? If not, here are the links the to the first three episodes: Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 (episode 4 has not aired yet).

In other news, I was so prepared to join Twitter yesterday, I need something easy to update when blogging time might be frugal. Imagine my surprise when @eitchy was already taken. Now what am I supposed to use?


5 thoughts on “The Great British Sewing Bee

  1. I still need to catch up on season 3, but I’ve enjoyed it so far! I’m glad it’s on YouTube so us non-Brits can watch it, too!

    And maybe something along the lines of @eitchy_sews? (I have to admit that the sewing people were my main inducement to get on there!)

    • Yay for Youtube.

      I’ll probably go along those lines for twitter. I really thought that eitchy would be available, so it just threw my mind.

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