My Me-Made-May ’13 Pledge

Being a part of Me-Made-May is a lot of fun and I’ve been wanting to join since it was announced. Participants are encouraged to phrase the pledge themselves, in a way to make it more challenging every time. This is the reason why I’ve been hesitant, since my wardorbe is limited at the moment due to breast-feeding and not having gotten my pre-pregnancy body quite back yet.

But, as Zoe pointed out, sometimes the challenge is not about wearing more me-mades than the previous round, sometimes life gives you a challenge in itself (her “life’s challenge” is being pregnant). So perhaps I should reduce my number of me-mades, as it is challenging enough just to dress.

Further on, I also thought that I should use this opportunity to focus on the things I want to change about my personal style, which is to focus on thrifting and getting out of that sweat-pants trap I’ve fallen into.

 ‘I, Helena of Crafting My Own Style, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear one me-made garment for at least 16 days of May 2013. For the remaining days, me-made is encouraged by myself and I will also focus on the thrifted clothes of my wardrobe. As an added, personal pledge, I also endeavour NOT to wear sweat pants at all during May 2013. ‘

I will post my me-made outfits to the Flickr group and all outfits will be posted here.

Wish me luck, with my currently larger waist/hip this seems like a real challenge, but I want in on the fun this year as well.


2 thoughts on “My Me-Made-May ’13 Pledge

  1. are you getting on well with the new arrival? (whose not quite so brand new anymore!)
    great approach to the month – i think your sweatpant rule is the equivalent of my no more clothes on the floor 😉

    • Things are going quite well, except her lack of sleep during the nights.

      I like that people have been very creative with their MMM pledges this year and it’s quite fun to see what others will come up with.

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