An Optimist goes Shopping

I was thinking of sewing a babynest for baby E, in hopes that it will make her sleep more comfortably (during night she almost exclusively wants to sleep on top either of her parents). To do that I needed to go to the fabric store to get some padding for the babynest and of course I couldn’t resist looking for me as well.

I’m in between sizes and time is sparse, so I directed my attention to the scrap bin and looked for knits. Currently, for me, knits have many advantages; they’re easy to adapt for different sizes (as I hopefully shrinks) and projects are quick to sew (which is good since time is sparse). I found two pieces.

Gul och jade viscosejerseyBoth pieces are viscose jerseys, one in mustard (for some reason called “mild yellow) and the other is jade (despite what the image shows). The mustard piece is 2.15 m which should be enough for two tops and the jade on is 1.2 m, enough for one top. I did notice a small hole in the jade piece, so I will have to work around it or mend it. There could be other errors as well, one of the risks of scrap bin shopping.

With a piece of bordeaux viscose jersey I know have enough knits to make four tops, probably many out of Burda 02-2013, now I just need the time, hence the optimism.


2 thoughts on “An Optimist goes Shopping

    • Since I have plenty of fabric, perhaps it’ll be one top in each colour and one top in a combination (I’m thinking BS 02-2013-127 in yellow with jade sleeves).

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