Me-Made-May, The Beginning

Day 1

What’s today’s outfit?
Me-made Cassette Nursing Top and thrifted pants.

Where was it worn?
A day at home with people coming over.

Outfit rating
A v
ery comfortable outfit! However, the pants are a bit too long,as are all RTW pants on me, so I might have to hem them a bit.

Day 2

What’s today’s outfit?
Megan skirt, H&M t-shirt and Camaïeu cardigan.

Where was it worn?
Fabric shopping

Outfit rating
Last MMM it was suggested to dress in honour of Zoe on the last day – I didn’t. However I was putting this outfit on, I felt that it should have been my tribute outfit. Comfortable, but the cardi doesn’t really work with my current shape.

Day 5

What’s today’s outfit?
Mandarin Skirt (un-blogged), RTW t-shirt

Where was it worn?
At home. The kiddo was running a slight fever so our planned guests had to stay at home.

Outfit rating
Truth be told I would never wear a velour skirt out of the house. But it works perfectly as lounge wear.

Day 6

What’s today’s outfit?
Namesake Skirt, No-sew nursing tank, thrifted top and jacket and Polka Dot Diaper Bag.

Where was it worn?
Day at home and then a doctor’s appointment for baby E (regular check-up).

Outfit rating
Finally warm enough to be bare-legged outside! I made the most of that weather. The skirt is comfortable and I wear it alot since denim is so easy to match.


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