Me-Made-May 2013 – The Next 4

Day 7

What’s today’s outfit?
Ma Belle-skirt and RTW t-shirt.

Where was it worn?
Chilling at home, doing glamourous chores such as laundry and wardrobe cleaning.

Outfit rating
Meh. I feel the skirt looks very homemade and t-shirts like these are boring, plus this is very old and worn out. I do need something loose for nursing and this t-shirt pulls up easiliy. Not a very good outfit, but OK for hanging at home with a baby.

Day 7 – bonus

The kiddo had played with water (organised play) at pre-school, so he came home in his spare clothes – including his Purple Wristlet Pants. The sunhat is RTW and the t-shirt is a hand-me-down. A purple kiddo, good thing purple is one of his favourite colours (as well as any other colour).

Day 8

What’s today’s outfit?
Unblogged plaid skirt, RTW stockings, nursing top and cardigan.

Where was it worn?
Visiting my grandparents with baby E

Outfit rating
OK. The skirt has an elastic waist which is totally comfortable. However I’m not sure about my fabric choice, I need to get picker (I will explore this in my MMM lessons learnt at the end of the month). Baby E didn’t care for it as she puked all over me and forced me to change clothes in the afternoon.

Day 9

What’s today’s outfit?
Heavenly nursing dress

Where was it worn?
A day at the horse race tracks. The dresscode is neither Ascot or Kentucky Derby. I was a photo finish from winning 300 SEK on my 10 SEK bet. Darn!

Outfit rating
This dress is comfortable, it is a jersey dress after all, and the nursing feature works perfectly for discrete nursing. I must blog about this creation soon, since I really like it (I need photographs). This will be worn a lot this summer!


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