Bow Dress

Bow Dress (2)Ah, my bow dress. It felt as if it ran a risk to be overdesigned when I had the flu, since I just kept adding more and more details (such as the bias tape down the front) but in the end I really like it. Perhaps taking a break isn’t a bad thing after all, since you get some distance to the project.

Bow Dress (3)

The pattern is Burdastyle 10-2011-129, which I have modified quite a bit. Not the basic shape, but the original pattern is a maxi dress with long sleeves, so just by the first picture it’s obviously altered. I shortened the dress, made it sleeveless, removed the side zipper (I think the buttons are enough closure) and used a bunch of bias tape. The bias tape along the back neckline and armholes are used as facings, the rest are purely decorative.Bow Dress (4)

I have made up this pattern before, as a blouse with a peplum, but I’m thinking of turning it into a dress as it didn’t work very well as a blouse. I just need to find a skirt fabric, which so far hasn’t been a priority. That blouse however showed off the feature I like about this dress which is the drafting of the bodice. The neckline is unusual and I love the look of it, it’s flattering and not too low cut. I also like the pleating along the waistline. It feels like a bodice drafted for those of us with some curves on top.Bow Dress

The fabric is a lightweight viscose with printed bows (hence the name of the dress) and I also used buttons, interfacing and bias tape. The skirt is cut on the bias for a little extra flow, however I do worry that it ended up too short and too flowy as the bias tape stiffened the hem. There is also a small gaping at the neckline. All in all I’m pretty pleased with my dress, but afraid of the length being too short. I also think a belt, I have a black Obi-belt, would flatter the look.

Project summary:

Pattern: Burdastyle 10-2011-129, Boho Crepe Chiffon Long Dress
Alterations: Shortened skirt, omitted sleeves and side zipper, used bias facing in neckline and armholes.
Difficulty: Intermediate. There are some tricky details such as the inseam pockets and pleats and the instructions are a bit hard to decipher.

Fabric: Printed viscose.
Notions: Buttons, interfacing, bias tape and thread
Estimated price: Fabric 99.88 SEK (€11.87), bias tape 19.95 SEK (€2.37), buttons, interfacing and thread 10 SEK (€.1.18). Total: 129,83 SEK (€15.42)

Project rating:
I really like the drafting of the bodice and I think my alerations tyrned out pretty good. The pockets and length of the dress do worry me, but perhaps it’s all in my head.


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