Wonky Droid Covers


I wanted an instant gratification project today and while the outcome is not perfect it’s good enough – for now anyway. I wanted covers for my phone and tablet so I found some fake leather in my stash and got to sewing. Wonky Droid CoversI started with a phone case which are just two rectangles sewn together and hemmed at the top. Since I have never sewn in leather (real or faux) I didn’t know how it behaved and the case is not completely perfect. Like I said, for now, I don’t mind.

Wonky Droid Covers (1)Moving on to the tablet cover, I folded it over so the bottom is not sewn, just the sides. Also for this I wanted a closure so I made a triangle piece to fold over.

Wonky Droid Covers (2)I added a button, I thought the red went well with the leather, but I, for some reason, only put a button hole in the bottom closure, so it’s hard to close and the button is not seen when the case is closed. Yeah, I’m not very smart sometimes.

Wonky Droid Covers (3)The back of the leather is fleece so my phone and tablet are nice and comfortable while in the cases. (The seam allowances of the clousre were trimmed after this photo was taken).

So, my cases may be a bit wonky, but they do the job. And they are Droid covers, in this household we are Droiders (my phone is Samung, the tablet is ASUS).

Project summary:

Pattern: Self-drafted (traced the gadget and added a bit for seam allowance)
Difficulty: Easy when choosing an easy fabric.

Fabric: Faux leather
Notions: Button,  thread
Estimated price: Fabric 15 SEK (€1.75), button and thread 5 SEK (€0.58). Total: 20 SEK (€2.34)

Project rating:
I really like


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