Me-Made-May 2013: My Experiences

So, I was a bit overambitious, joining MMM one month after giving birth and while nursing, even though I only committed to half of the days. But, as always, MMM is a learning experience, and this year’s edition taught me quite a bit about myself yet again, even though I didn’t see the whole thing through.

7867a-mmay13Getting lost
While it is impressive how big MMM has gotten, it is not as much fun anymore. Previous years I have been able to look at every single photograph, that has been impossible this year. I have scrolled through the group and clicked on what looks interesting from the thumbnail, which probably results in my not finding many gems. Similarily, not many people find me to give feedback, which is a shame. I simply feel lost in the shuffle.

Bad Fabric Decisions
Over the years I’ve made many clothes (my creations). However, the more distance I get to my clothes (in terms of time since I made them) the more I see their imperfections, mainly in terms of looking too home-made. Much of that comes from bad fabric choices. I need to not let my wallet speak and use better fabrics, not just because they happen to me priced down. I’m actually thinking of doing some “patterns revisited” in which I remake some already used patterns with better fabrics and other decisions.

Un-inspiring Wardrobe
Getting dressed is currently not fun. I’m not inspired by my wardrobe. Earlier this year I worked on figuring out my personal style and while I’m not quite there I’m step by step figuring it out, mostly I’m realising what I don’t like, so I will work from there. Looking at a bunch of other Me-Made-May’ers really help in inspiration.

Seamless Pledge
I’m currently working on defining my Seamless Pledge.

Dressed for Spotanious Visits
I’ve thrifted some very casual pants which I have taken too wearing around the house in stead of sweat pants. I shall never go back! I’m dressed for quickly leaving the house without changing clothes and if we get uncalled visitors I won’t be embarrassed by my appearance. Even if I’m planninmg to make pyjama pants, I know that they will not be an all day/every day garment.

Getting in Shape
We’re done with kids now and I want to get in shape, tighten up and get back. The goal is to be able to wear all these clothes again (especially The Leaf Dress, I love that dress!)


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