Pyjama Party Shopping

Today I was able to do the shopping for my pyjama pants. I won’t be making the classical pyjama pant, rather loungewear to wear around the house. It felt wrong picking out velour in the summer heat, but I’m confident that it will be colder eventually.


There were plenty of colours to choose from, I settled on the purple velour. I like purple and the kiddo thought I should buy it, although I’m not sure he got that I’ll be sewing for me and not him. Something for him is probably next in line (or soon at least). I did offer to buy some helicopter fabric, but he declined, surpringsingly since he’s looked at that fabric before.

Back to my pants, they will also be decked out, because working on a possibly tight schedule isn’t enough, I will also pimp my pants, nothing major though and it is according to the pattern. My pants will feature lace and satin ribbon. Today I realised I forgot to buy thread, but I can probably use some from my stash.

imageThe fabric store has a play section and it’s conviniently located right next to the scrap bin. So when the kiddo wants to play it’s the perfect time for me to browse the scraps. Plenty of mandarin viscose jersey, but that colour is a bit too much for me. After some pondering I decided on the 2 metre polkadot cotton. It’s a home decour fabric, but I think it will work for a structured dress, which I probably can’t wear until after I’m done breastfeeding, so it’s just an addition to my fabric stash for now. The fabric is stiff but light, so I’ll probably have to line any dress I make from it.

The pyjama fabric is being pre-washed as I write and then I’ll get going. It’s not often I have a dead-line…


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