Pyjama Pant Progress

With baby E taking a long nap and the kiddo at preschool, I had some time to work on my pyjama pants yesterday. I got a lot of work done, impressed by my own efficiancy and I was confident that these pants would be finished soon. Then, the first setback.

Pyjama pant waistband

Button holes on the inside

The waistband was to be sewn in around the elastic. It meant lots of pulling to pin the waistband to the pant and stretching while sewing. In the end it turned out fine, even the bobbin thread cooperated and ran out as I was sewing the last stitch. I turned the pants back to the right side and admired my work, or at least until I noticed that the button holes I’d sewn were on the inside. I figured this would be easily fixed by cutting the waistband off and re-setting it, perhaps even redo the piece if it’s too narrow. No biggie. I would redo the waistband and the be back on track.

Pyjama pant drawstring

Drawstrings that should be mirrored

But, I as came up the stairs while the pants were hanging on the bannister I noticed the next sloppy error; one drawstring casing opened on the outside, as it should, the other opened on the inside. Did I mention I’ve sewn velour? And that I used a very narrow stitch to sew the drawstring casing? I got the seam ripper out, but 5 stitches in and I ripped the fabric. It would take forever to unpick the casings plus it would probably result in more ripped fabric.

Therefore I’m resorting to alterations for the legs. I’ve cut the pant leg off right above the casings and then I will add a ruffle in stead.  And I can still pimp it with the lace, perhaps with the ribbon too.

And I won’t be naked at the pyjama party.


2 thoughts on “Pyjama Pant Progress

  1. D’oh!!! Lol, oh well. I’ve had projects like these. I’m excited to see the final result. I have my fabrics picked out and the pattern cut out for my pajama party bottoms. Havn’t started sewing yet.

    • I’ve now recut the waistband and I’m working on the ruffles. It should go smoothly if I don’t mess up again and if baby E grants me some sewing time

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