I recieved an e-mail from a company I used to order name tags for the kiddo’s clothes (of which I’ve used absolutely zero). They had kindly given us, the newsletter readers, a 10% for name tags. I’ve been toying with the idea to tag my me-made clothes, perhaps I should do it now.

People walk around with labels and brands all over their clothes and even if proper etiquette says one should remove them, people don’t and display their fashion preferences. So, why should I not?

namnbandI played around with designs, just the fact that a sewing machine can be chosen proves that this is one use for the name tags. I can’t decide if I want a modern font or a more traditional one and how big it should be. Any thoughts?

Do you label your own clothes? Where do (or woudl) you put the label, inside or outside? Sleeve, bodice or skirt? Top or bottom?


2 thoughts on “Tagging

  1. I have a ‘label’ that just says “gjeometry” nothing fancy. And I always put it on the outside. Not so people can see it, (as most times it’s covered by hair or a belt), but because i HATE that itchy tag feeling on my skin.

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