Pyjama Party Pants

A few mishaps, unintentional alterations and pimping that went away, but now I’m ready for Karen’s pyjama party!

Since I knew my sewing time was limited I chose a pattern I already had at home, namely Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115, velour pants. I was also a conscious decision to do velour pants as they come together without any seam finishes.Pyjama Party Pants (3)

The pants were drafted very high in the waist, which is not the most comfortable, plus it’s a lot of excess fabric in the front crotch. This was impossible to see in the technica drawing and in the magazine they were styled with a matching hoodie so the waist part was not seen. If I make another pair (which feels unlikely right now) I will consider this. I am a bit keen on the hoodie though.Pyjama Party Pants (4)

The waist has a 5 cm elastic (which has already begun pulling up. The ribbon is a satin ribbon which I cut 12 cm longer than the recommandation and every time I pull the pants over my bum I must hold on to them so they won’t go into the waistband. I must add some sort of stop feature.Pyjama Party Pants (5)

There was supposed to be drawstrings along the pant at the ankle. But due to my messing up, I had to cut the bottom piece off. I don’t fear the ripper, but small stitches on velour would leave holes in the fabric. I added ruffles to the pants in stead. My husband was saying that velour pants looks very 70s, he hasn’t dared say anything about the ruffle addition.Pyjama Party Pants

They have a bit too much ease for my taste, a common thread for the Sömnadsmagasin patterns I’ve tried. But then again, these are pants for chilling at home, the shouldn’t be too tight either.

Project summary:

Pattern: Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115.
Alterations: Waistband sits about 2 cm lower, ruffles in stead of drawstrings at the bottom (both alterations due to messing up more than anything else).
Difficulty: Easy.

Fabric: Stretch velour
Notions: 5 cm elastic, satin ribbon, thread.
Estimated price: Fabric 157 SEK (€18.13), elastic 14 SEK (€1.62) ribbon and thread 5 SEK (€0.58). Total: 176 SEK (€20.33)

Project rating:
A pair of pants that I think will be cosy during autumn and winter, especially if I make the hoodie as well. Not the most perfect pants. but they do the job.

Now, with all the formalia sorted out, I’ll put my hair in braids, jump into (the kiddo’s) bed and I’m ready for the pyjama party to get started!Pyjama Party Pants (1)

8 thoughts on “Pyjama Party Pants

  1. Aw, these are really cute!! I actually think that ruffles at the bottom, using purple velour pants, you just can’t get any more 70s than that! Pefect! And, think it would be nicer for sleeping in than elastic cuffs, since those would ride up all the time. For the tie stops, you could use beads, but then you run the risk of sleeping on a bead, not too comfy (even without the princess and the pea analogy 🙂 )

    1. Thanks! I won’t be sleeping in these, they will be more lounge around the house pants, so beads would work. (I’ve already pulled the satin band into the waistband, perhaps I’ll cut a longer one as well).

  2. I really like the ruffle on the bottom. Even if it wasn’t supposed to be 70s, you could make the ruffle higher and end up with a pair of bell bottoms – groovy!

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