My Sewing Room

I am a sucker for organising, well in theory anyway, and I love peeking into others’ houses, so I amussing that everyone else will want to see my space as well. I will do a series of how I store my things (inspired by Lelie/A Bouquet of Buttons) and hopefully I can inspire someone. Even if I think I have a pretty good way of doing things, I always get new ideas when someones writes about their way of doing it.

My series will feature overview (today), patterns and books, fabrics and notions, tools and WIPs (Work in Progress).

Sewing room - overview (1)

My sewing desk is big and has a lot of room for working. I usually do the cutting on the floor. To the right I have room to store the sewing machine, but it’s usually always out. When I buy my serger (yes, when) I don’t know how I will organise my desk. Sewing room - overview (2)

The bookcase holds fabrics (my eyesore), patterns, books and some other crafts. On the back of the door I can hang my stuff, usually WIPs or unblogged creations. The Bow Dress has been blogged, so it really should be moved into the closet.Sewing room - overviewMy mini-drawer and boxes with notions, trims and other small stuff – also to be further explored.

I hope I can inspire someone or at least give anyone the satisfaction of peeking into someone else’s house.


9 thoughts on “My Sewing Room

  1. I use the hook on the door for hanging things too. =)

    It IS interesting how many people like to look at others’ sewing spaces. Mine will forever and always be the most popular post on my blog! And I had no idea it would be when I originally posted about it. I guess we are all a little nosy about what someone’s house looks like inside, hehe.

  2. I love peeking at people’s organization, thanks for sharing! I still have too much fabric to properly organize, despite my best efforts. 😉

  3. I need all the tips I can get. My room is always chaos until I finish something. I force myself to clean it before another project. Need more storage ideas.

    • I love getting tips as well, unfortunately most tips I see as good ideas that I must incorporate. I have the cleaning rule too, it’s a must for me.

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