A New Pledge

I’m going to be honest now. The consumerism of today disgusts me. I read blogs about sewing (duh!), but also those of fashion and lifestyle. All they do is shop. Shop, shop, shop. Unless they are given things for free. Some of them sells this stuff to buy even more, because it’s a need to have the latest trends. Others proudly display the promotions they’ve been given, in hopes (from the company) that the readers will buy it. Factories burn down in Bangladesh, the garbage mountian grows, all so that we in the Western world can have cheap, fast fashion.


I, Helena, take the Seamless pledge until the end of 2013. I will abstain from buying any new fashion clothes until the end of my pledge. In stead I will shop second hand, in charity shops or flea markets, and craft my clothes myself. I want to find my own style, get away from fast fashion and I don’t want to support the clothes industry in its current state.

As you can see I’m giving myself an out by only pledging on fashion clothes. To me this means that I may buy underwear, sports wear, practical wear and to some extent basics such as t-shirts and camis. I know it may seem like I’m cheating, but these days my sewing time is sparse and I want to make fun things. When time comes back to me (in what ten years?) I may take a full on pledge, but that is not my goal for now.

Once I hit that publish button, this will be official and shopping regularly will be over. Quite a change, although to be honest I don’t shop alot of retail these days.

Let’s go!

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