Sewing Room: Patterns and Books

The second part in my sewing room series deals with how I store by paper, ie. patterns and books. Many sewists have tons of patterns and books, I’m not there yet, as you will see, but here’s how I do things for now. A day when this system is too small will probably come sooner or later.

To get the overview of my room and the places I’m talking of, please visit my Sewing Room – Overview.

I so far only have 7 (yes, seven) envelope patterns. Furthermore, it’s only one of these that I’ve purchased myself (Cake’s Tiramisu, although I bought it from a retailer), the other six are prizes from giveaways. So, my stash of pattern envelopes is not big, and for now the reside in one of my polkadot boxes on my shelf.Sewing room - patterns (2)On the bottom shelf of my bookcase is where I store magazines, books and my inspiration files.My current books are The Colette Sewing Handbook, The burdastyle Sewing Handbook and a book on royal fashion and style (not in the picture). The ring binders holds articles on style, fashion, sewing and techniques.Sewing room - patterns

The wide magazine file (is it called that? word courtesy of Google Translate) holds Burda pattern sheets as well as printouts. The two narrower ones holds the magazines and fabric catalogues. The catalogues are disposed of when in-current, I cut out the fabrics I’ve used and other images which inspre me.

This is one part of my system that will be too small sooner rather than later; my patterns. I will have to buy a new magazine file soon, because I’m guessing I won’t do the other option – stop buying magazines or printing pdf.s.Sewing room - Patterns (1) I also keep my traced pattern pieces, in case I want to do them again. Plus alot of work goes into tracing, so it feels wrong to throw them away. I store them in a big box, designed for LP:s, next to the bookcase. I store each pattern in a ziplock bag and make sure to mark each bag with pattern number, size and a note on what the pattern is (ie. mini-skirt, knit top etc). Sewing room - patterns (3)It doesn’t look very pretty and this is one spot where I would like a better system. After I saw this picture, I did put all the bags upright, but they will soon be in disorder again. I know myself and my kiddo. I would like a file box with dividers so I could do skirts, pants, dresses etc. in order, but I would have to find one big enough for the ziplock bags.

Sewing room - Patterns (4)There you have it, my way and wishes on storing patterns, from magazine or envelope up to finished traced and used patterns.


4 thoughts on “Sewing Room: Patterns and Books

  1. Looks like a good system! I find storing pdf or traced patterns really tricky, they get a bit bulky. I usually put mine in a ring binder in separate plastic sleeves but they fall out if I’m not careful. Your zip lock bag idea looks great! I might punch holes in the bags though and put them in folder. Thanks for sharing : )

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