Fall Plans

For the past seven weeks the husband has had combined vacation and parental leave, I’ve also had vacation and then my usual parental leave, which ironically means less me-time for me. The kiddo has been home as well as baby E of course, so there’s always someone needing attention.Starting Monday the husband will work and the kiddo will be in daycare, so with just one of my children at home it will feel like a vacation!

I haven’t sewn much or shopped much or done anything worth blogging about. I will continue my organising series and I’m itching to hit the thrift stores to update my fall wear, I can’t shop retail these days. I want to get in shape, I’m doing a one-year program for new mothers and hopefully it will get me there. The joint vacation and heat has meant a lot of coffee breaks and ice creams. Those kind of treats will have to stop! My goal is to wear the Leaf Dress next summer. But it also means that sewing isn’t the best thing to do since I don’t know how good I will do and what size to cut. Plus I really must learn to do an FBA.

Internet detoxing

Internet detoxing

Five days of our vacation was spent on a spontanoius trip to Denmark. Just one and a half hour away, but a necessary change in environment and totally relaxing. We rented a summer home with no Wi-Fi which meant an Internet break (since we were in another country, we couldn’t use the phone net for surfing). This was a most welcome internet detox and made me realise what I missed and what I didn’t miss. I missed Facebook and blogs, I did not miss Twitter, I’m still pondering what to do about my Twitter account. While I like the concept of Twitter, that kind of communication is not for me. I’ve left some forums that were just time thieves.

Baby E has reached the age when we can put her to sleep in her own bed and doesn’t want or need to nurse all night, so that will hopefully keep me out of the TV couch on evenings, we just need to buy an additional baby monitor.

I don’t know if this is making me any wiser, but I do have a plan to control my life more, in doing so I will have time for my hobbies as well. Wish me luck!

WordPress gave me notification that it is my 6 year blogoversary today. Hmm, perhaps an upcoming celebration will be in order. Let’s see what I can figure out.


4 thoughts on “Fall Plans

  1. I really need to learn to do an FBA, too. I ended up buying a Craftsy course specifically on bust alterations when they were having that big sale a few weeks back, because I just can’t seem to get it no matter how many books and blog posts I read! I’ll let you know how it goes, if you’re interested– I won’t be able to get to it for a little while, but hopefully this winter.

    Sounds like you’ve got some great plans coming up for the fall, looking forward to hearing how they pan out!

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