Sewing Room: Fabrics, Notions and Trims

Sewing wouldn’t be much without fabric and notions. And sewing wouldn’t be personal without trims. Don’t we all have a stash with some fabrics already matched to patterns and some that were just too hard to resist in the shop? My fabric storage is the eyesore in my sewing room.

Sewing Room - Fabrics

I keep my full pieces of fabrics on the top shelf,on the lower one I keep my yardage interfacing as well as scraps. This is not a good system, since more fabric makes it into the shelf than out. I need to figure out a way to keep my fabric organised.

Sewing room - trims

Trims are being stored in one of my polka dot boxes (remember the overview). I’ve bought some of the trim, won some in giveaways, otherwise I just keep about anything that comes my way, including wrapping ribbon and flower ornaments. You never know what could come in handy.

Sewing room - notions

Lastly, the notions such as zippers and buttons (including snaps, eyes and hooks) are being stored in the mini-drawer. If I throw away clothes (as opposed to donating things I don’t want) I strip them of buttons and zippers before doing so. Why waste perfectly good notions?

Two installments in this series remain; tools and WIPs. Let’s hope the next gap isn’t as long.


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