Theoretical Sewing

This is not a post about sewing. This is a post about my theoretical sewing as I try to match up my fabric stash with my pattern stash. I don’t dare to sew, even if I can find a little time here and there, since I wouldn’t know what size to cut. My bust measurement is not what it’s supposed to be and I hope my other measurements can shrink as well.

Anyway, here’s my current plan for my stash:

This is a lightweight cotton print, that I just find totally adorable. It has “dress” written all over it. At first I bought it to make Colette’s Truffle Dress (which I have made once before, but this one would feature the ruffle), but then I’m slightly drawn to the City Dress of Burda 02-2013. I feel as if the City Dress would showcase the adorable print better.

This is a micro-satin, 100% polyester, in aqua. The photo does not do the colour justice. Since I have 2 metres of it, at first thought I’d make a matching top/skirt. But I didn’t know what style to make and match, so the fabric has just been laying around. Now it’s a high candidate to be a Taffy blouse. I have been toying with the idea of making a Shari dress (which I love and can’t believe I’ve never made), but I think this fabric is a bit too light-weight and drapey to hold up that dress, plus I think I may have just a bit too little of it to make the bias skirt.

This is an aubergine “party satin”, yep 100% polyester. But such a lovely colour (again, the photo does not do it justice). It’s quite heavy and not very drapey so it’s hard to find a matching pattern. I have been thinking of a wrap blouse (without the ruffle, ruffles – not my thing), would be a great fall/winter piece (although cold since it’s synthetic). But perhaps I could do something more daring such as the Blouson Jacket. Although I do need tops.

wpid-20130605_161626.jpgThis polka dot fabric was found in the scrap bin, without a plan to go with it. It is a home decour fabric, but I think it can work for a dress. It’s a bit stiff and heavy so I figured it needs something with structure. This Boucle Dress, perhaps? Although, I’d totally leave out the fraying details.

So, there’s my theoretical sewing. Do you think my plans are any good? Have I matched fabric to pattern well? Do I need to go in another direction altogether?

It’s almost as hard to do theoretical sewing as actual sewing, but at least it takes less time.


4 thoughts on “Theoretical Sewing

  1. I love theoretical sewing! Thanks for all the burda links. I have yet to buy a pattern from them and you have given me a starting point. Nice stash of fabric.

    • I have the magazines with those patterns in them. I rarely buy single patterns from the site, since the patterns only cost slightly less than the magazine, but the magazine holds more patterns.

  2. Theoretical sewing is about all I’ve been doing lately too! You have some beautiful fabric to play with; it’s okay to sit on it for a bit ’til things stabilize. 😉

    • It’s fun to match fabrics and patterns, but I wish I could get some sewing time too. Well, today I did four darts on a skirt. Slow progress, but progress none the less.

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