Personal Pillow

The kiddo no longer takes naps at pre-school, he now participates in the “story rest” where they lie down and listen to stories. Therefore he needed a pillow. At first we were looking for one off the rack, but I wasn’t pleased with the selection and since sewing one was always in the back of my head, I figured I’d do just that. So, we bought a plain pillow for me to use.

Darn, can’t rotate on the app.

I went to my stash and settled on velour, it cosy and comfortable for the rest. The colours I had was orange and purple, two of the kiddo’s favourite colours (although, he does like almost all colours). The orange, which I had more off became the shell and the purple became the letter G. He is obsessed with letter and particularly G, his letter. I decided to make is as a removable pillowcase so it will be easy to wash.

The kiddo is pleased and carries the pillow around the house. Tomorrow it will move to the pre-school. I am pleased for feeding my sewing addiction, even if it only was a small project.


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