The Reason?

I went shopping the other day. In the thrift store, obviously. I needed jeans and, to my luck, this week they had a campaign on pants, with all pants costing 50 SEK (€5.76). So I came home with two pairs.

The next day I wore my jeans out and I noticed a small rip in the fly. The thread pulling tight, it only got worse and worse. So I came home and sat down by my sewing machine and sewed the hole shut. Simple. The thread is red, but nobody can point it out as they then admit they’ve been looking at my crotch.


Another t-shirt had a 2cm hole in a seam which will be just as easy to fix.

It got me thinking though. I hope I’m wrong, but was that small rip the reason those pants ended up being discarded by the original owner. In this time, it’s easier to throw away a pair of pants due to small rip, then to actually fix them. If so, we definitely need to teach our children how to fix these things; small rips, loose buttons. They can even come borrow my machines. They won’t grow up learning that it’s easy to get rid of things and just replace them with new stuff.

However, good for me that those owners donated to goodwill in stead of throwing away.


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