Sewing Room: Tools

We wouldn’t get much sewing done without our trusty tools, would we? Scissors, thread, needles and interfacing is what I count here, although some would probably put threads and interfacing in the ‘notions’ category.

Sewing room - tools (4)

All my needles and pins (and there I begun singing The Searchers’ song) are kept in the desk drawer right next to me. It makes it easy to change needles and reach for pins, both with plastic and glass head. This drawer is also the one place to be child secured so anything that might be dangerous to young ones go in here.Sewing room - tools (2)

My threads are up on the wall in this thread holder I had my husband make for my birthday 2 years ago. I try to keep more basic colours here, but it usually ends up as being “latest used”. I buy big spools, so I hardly ever run out. I should buy the small ones though, higher quality, but they are harder to come by.Sewing room - tools (1)

Of course I have a thread over abundance, so the remaining spools are kept i the mini-drawer along with small pieces of interfacing and self-made interfacing bias strips. The uncut interfacing, bought by meterage, is kept along with fabrics.  Sewing room - tools (3)My piece the restistance, shamelessly ripped off from the Coletterie, is my IKEA Fintorp rail. It is great for holding tools; my three scissors (fabric, paper, threads), buckets with tape measure (currently gone missing), rulers, roleau maker and other small useful items.  I love this!

So, all my tools. Now there’s just one installement left in how I organise my sewing room, which is work in progress. My sewing room has also been updated with a new chair, highly needed, and I’ve made myself my very own blogging corner, which will be an upcoming post, mainly just to showcase the great view I’ll be writing in. As for any sewing WIPs; I just finished a skirt which I fitted to sit on the hip, when it was drafted to sit at the waist (let’s rip, rip, rip) and I’m also working on cross-stitch birth records for the kids (the kiddo has chosen a design with many, many stitches so it will take a while.


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