Blogging Space

I have a laptop as my computer (I also have a tablet, but it’s not good for writing) which has been moved around the house. However it’s getting old (5 years) and the battery is not very good, so it needs a permanent place.

We just redid our bedroom and upper floor when the idea came to me. I’ll put a desk up there as well. On the upper floor we have our bedroom, the kiddo’s bedroom (which will also be baby E’s bedroom) and a larger room which is the kids’ playroom for trains and crafts, as well as a TV. So I figured if the kids want to play upstairs, it’s good for me to have a computer so I can work (ie. blog) when they are upstairs, playing or watching TV. I can be with them, but still get some of my stuff done. Well, that is my hope, anyway.imageSo, off to IKEA to buy a small desk and a chair and voilà – my new blogging space. Now I just need something to blog about…

Oh, and check out my view:image


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