Colour Issues

I’ve come to the realisation that my wardrobe needs more colour. I want to spice up my life using colour. I will pop!

The thing is, I know my self well enough to not just go out and randomly buying fabrics and clothes in colour, I need to know what I want, what I look go in and what will go together. So I began studying myself.

Step one: What do I wear and how do I like it?
I took a note from Gillian about creating your own personal colour palette. She focuses on what you wear and how those colours make you feel. I looked through my creations and how I felt in them, narrowing down what colours I like on me. I decided to do one winter and one summer chart, with basics and accents for both.

Off-white and beige as basics.
Accent colours pink (bright, NOT powder), purple (leaning into violet), green, strong light blue, aqua.

Navy and grey as basics. Perhaps also brown.
Accent colours: Dark purple (2)/plum/bordeaux, Jade/teal, Mustard, Dark deep blue. (The Oasis dress – grey, plum and teal).

Colours I did not like on me: cream, powder pink, “nude“.

This are colours I’ve used and enjoy wearing. Enjoy to the degree that I like them AND feel good in them.

Step two: The “science studies”, what colours should flatter me?

Thanks to Sewing for Me! I discovered Cardigan Empire and her easy flow chart to determine your colour season. With the help of that I decided that I am Winter/Cool and Brilliant. Broken down further it beacme clear that I was cool winter and my colour sheet was this one:

Step three: Joining Steps one and two

Combining what I like myself and what I “should” wear makes me see that the colours I like wearing are in fact colours that look good on me. I think there is a connection. Also the colours I don’t like on me are the ones that don’t flatter me. Seeing this chart makes me thinking I should venture into blue territory more and also be bolder. Brighter and bolder!

Step four: Putting it into practice

I do want to print my chart and carry with me when shopping. I really do. I want to put thought into my purchases of fabrics and clothing and make a colourful wardrobe that looks good on me and flatter. It does feel good that I feel good in the colours that flatter me. I won’t stick like a slave to the colour chart, but I will not just go for “that cute print” or “that cheap scrap find”, but rather think of what I want to wear. I also want to do more blue, a colour I’ve avoided for some reason. I liked blue growing up and perhaps it’s time for a revisit, I have many options according to my winter colour palette.

This has really beren an eye-opener!

Do you wear colours that flatter you or colours you like? Or do they, as in my case, coincide?


9 thoughts on “Colour Issues

  1. That’s cool. I have tried again and again to figure out what “season” or “colour theme” I fall into and cannot. I seem to fit into several categories.

  2. I think our color palettes are similar, at least in terms of what I like to wear. And perhaps we have similar skin tones too; I’m going to double-check at Cardigan Empire. 🙂

  3. That’s neat that what you like and what looks good match up so well! I can never figure my own palette out–I vacillate between earth tones and bright ocean colors and my skin and hair/eye colors seem to fall in different seasons!

    • As long as you feel comfortable, I wouldn’t care if you ‘should’ wear it. I won’t stick to just those colours, but I will stick to colours I like on me.

  4. Ah, lucky you that they match! I’m of the opinion that one should wear what one likes. I have no idea what my “colors” are. But there are several colors I don’t wear (most purple, for instance) just because I don’t particularly care for purple. But either way, if it helps you develop a strategy, it can’t be bad!

    • I will wear but I like, but try more colours. And I muat beware when shoppibg, the cream ans powder pink examples are really cute fabrics, but I just on’t like them on me. I will try to avoid that trap.

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