Green Sweater for Kiddo

Some days ago I got the urge to sew. Not trace, not cut, not do prep-work, not learn my new overlocker, but SEW. Since I didn’t want to do any of those things I decided a project for the kiddo was in order. It would need to be cut, but that’s easily done and then it’s off to an instant gratification project.Grön sweatshirt (2)

The fabric was a bribe purchase. I took the kids to the fabric store to browse the scrap bin. I found that they had moved the scrap bin away from the toy area, too far to leave the kiddo on his own. So while I bought lucious things for me (a teal satin, purple interlock and black denim) I found a piece of green sweatshirt fabric and asked the kiddo if he wanted something in that fabric. He said yes.

Grön sweatshirt

Reducing flare

I browsed all my magazines and settled on BurdaStyle 10-2011-41, marked as a “girls sweater”. It featured raglan sleeves and a bit of flare. I reduced the flare, it didn’t seem good for a boy sweater (plus the kiddo is ridicolously slim and I wanted to add a cuff) and made it longer. Other than that I stuck to the pattern.Grön sweatshirt (1)

The neckline is a bit wonky, I probably should have stabilised it and the zipper insertion is a bit off, but other than I’m pretty pleased with it. I wanted an instant graftification project and, to be honest, I don’t put my most ambitious work into clothes for the kids.

Project summary:
 Pattern: Burdastyle 10-2011-141
Alterations: Reduced flare, made it longer, added cuffs at waist, neck and sleeve ends.
Difficulty: Novice

Fabric: Sweatshirt fabric and”cuff fabric” (recycled from failed project)
Notions: Zipper (recycled from an old pair of pants),
Estimated price: ?

Project rating:
I’m pretty pleased. The zipper and necklines could have been better, but now I know that for next time. The kiddo says he likes it, but so far I haven’t been able to photograph him wearing the sweater (either he wasn’t in a sweater mood or he’d put it on but objected to being photographed. I respect that).


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