Plan for 2014: Getting to know people

I want to get more involved in the sewing communinties both online and locally. Therefore I will engage myself in new activities and keep an eye out for:

Sewist’s Secret SantaTechnically this falls under this year and is very much now, but participating in things like these will hopefully get me more involved in the online sewing community.

Sewing Buddies
I thought about this for 2013 but wisely decided that with a new baby I wouldn’t have time to commit. But maybe now, that our family has come to more routines, maybe this is the kick I need to get back into my sewing.

Contests and Sewalongs
I will try and participate in more contests and perhaps some sewalongs. But since my sewing time is limited I will participate if they fall under what I still would make. Maybe not a challenge, but I don’t want to waste my sewing time on something I don’t need/want/wear JUST for the sense of community.

Sewing Meet-ups
I’m a member of a Facebook group for local sewists. They have regular meet-ups for sewing and occassional swaping. Next year I want to attend a few meet-ups, I haven’t been able to now since baby E is breast-feeding. I want to meet more sewists here.
Me-Made May
I hope Me-Made May returns. Last year I flopped, but I hope to be more inspired this year and to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe before then. Although I wasn’t really happy with how big this thing has gotten, it was hard to be seen and it was hard to follow others. But it is a great initiative and I will keep my eyes out for it.

Those are my plans for getting to know more people in the sewing world, both online and offline.

5 thoughts on “Plan for 2014: Getting to know people

  1. Care to start the year off with a growl? Jungle January will be happening all month at my place- strut your animal prints and meet some new predators to play with!

    1. I am also thinking about how I comment, not just “nice dress” but rather what I like about the dress, or dislike if I dare. I try to comment more on smaller blogs too since I want to give encouragement to those who may not often get that and develop a more personal relationship rather than just getting lost in a sea of comments.

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