Plans for 2014: Thrifting and Style

I do want to keep up my Seamless pledge. Thrift shopping in inspiring and exciting! It doesn’t have to look worn out, as I previously thought. I will do most of my fashion shopping second hand, but give myself some freebies if I need something particular or find something irresistible.

For sewing  I will focus on wardrobe planning, getting to know my overlocker and colour. I will work through my stash of fabrics and patterns, thinking about each project and not just randomly make things, I have already started a list on what I want to sew in the new year.

My theme for thriftinh and stitching will be “work hard, play hard”, meaning my clothes should be suitable for work or leisure or both. It may sound simple enough, but I’ve found that some of my me-mades fit neither category.

I will hopefully explore my style in various aspects of my life as well as perhaps doing a few outfit posts once in a while. I don’t feel very technically adept in explaining sewing techniques and doing tutorials, so therefore I will let those who do that best do that, I can’t really add anything in that field. Maybe a few easy project tutorials, but that will be it. I need to find my own niche.

My problem, that I’ve struggled with for several years is creating outfits, styling. I need to work on that. I also need to make/buy things that go together, not just a cute skirt here in an adorable print and a top that’s hard to wear with much of my stuff.

Do you find styling easy? Do you have a plan for you wardrobe expansion?


6 thoughts on “Plans for 2014: Thrifting and Style

  1. Styling is difficult for me as well, and I often find it hard to find inspiration online since the fashion bloggers are most often in dresses and I prefer separates, and pants when it’s colder. So that’s something I’d like to work on this year as well. I’m probably going to be posting about this topic myself before the end of the year.

    • It is more difficult than what first glanse make it seem. I know that you and I have been on this style journey quite long (I think that was how I found your blog in the first place).

  2. Sometimes I feel like you have to create a coordinated wardrobe all at once and I simply don’t have time. I’ve been trying to create new pieces that go with other pieces in my closet, but by the time I get around to it, those existing pieces are worn out! I struggle with long-term planning, especially if the idea is to rely only on me-made stuff. It’s just not viable for me right now. 😦

    • It is hard and I won’t rely on just me-mades. I just need to get better at thinking what I need in stead of just being swept away by a popular pattern.

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