Plans for 20114: The Blog

While I’m getting more and more involved in the Twitter community, it’s great for quick questions and getting to know people, I still want to maintain my blog. I like reading blogs about projects and thoughts, and I wish to keep discussions there. If I want to contribute to a blog post, by a comment, I want to do that in the blog, not on Twitter. It’s easier to follow for others and for me I like to keep all things in one place. However, there are some things I feel go better at Twitter such as quick WIPs, fabric puschases and sneak peeks. My goal is that my blog will be more indepth and that people who read my blog shouldn’t miss anything, but with Twitter you get a little more. To use a sewing analogy, my blog will be cake and Twitter will be frosting.

I want have a blog re-birth; new name, new layout, perhaps a celebratory giveaway, a new format of my creation posts. I’ve stuck to the same style for a while, and even I’m getting bored at myself, my creation posts feel repitative and uninspiring. I need to make my sense of humour come across, sewing is fun!

I’ve already started a bit by cleaning up in my categories, making tags of some of my categories to keep the number down. I’ve made things too complicated, it’s a bad habit of mine. Less is more and simple is easier. Some day I might go back and clean out old useless posts as well.

I want to do more “editorial” poests or chronichles with my own musings regarding sewing, style and the online community. I like reading those posts by others and I want to give my say too. I hope my musings can be of interest.

For my birthday last year the husband gave me a tablet. This year he gave me a bluetooth keyboard. This will make writing so much easier, as I am not chained to my computer. However, I wonder how to work with pictures as I need the computer to download from the camera and I can’t access or upload those photos from the tablet. I have the tablet and phone cameras, but then I need someone to take the pictures for me. Maybe a bit of computer time will be needed.

Anyway my hope is to make my little corner of the Internet an enjoyable place with creations, musings and tips.

Do you have a blog plan or do you just write whatever comes to mind Which blogs do you like to read for its content?*

*Another new feature I will try, which I’ve seen elsewhere, engaging the reader with questions related to the topic.


One thought on “Plans for 20114: The Blog

  1. My plan is usually along the lines of post about whatever project I’ve been working on recently! I do need to take a look at my tags and clean things up, too. I’ve piled on a lot of them. Good luck with the reboot, and I’ll keep an eye out for any redirections so I can keep following. (I do most of my reading on Feedly, so I don’t want to miss posts!)

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