Slowly Moving Forward

Donna/Nid de Tissus was showing her “in progress” work, one of which was a cross stitch. I mentioned that I was working on a cross stitch project too and she wanted to see it. Here it is:


I’ve decided to make birth records for both of my children. The kiddo got to choose his own, which and, not surprisingly, he chose the one with cars, tractors and lorries. It looked simpled enough, but what I didn’t realise is that there is a lot of detaling in backstitching and French knots (I haven’t dared to attempt those yet). Every piece is enclosed in backstitching and then there are details on every thing as well, so I have plenty of work to do. The green tree is the only thing that is completely finished. His name and birthday will go in the turquoise field of the lorry.

Every evening, in front of the TV I try to get one hour of stitching in, the motive is progressing slowly. Currently I doing flowers on the orange tree (the picture was taken a few days ago). So if my blogs seemes abandonned it’s because my current project is a slow one. But he loves looking at it and wants to hang it at his wall when it’s done, so my kiddo is motivating me. However, every time I show it to him he points out what I haven’t done (compared to the reference picture). He is picky!

Of course baby E will get her own birth record too, but her motive looks a lot easier. Let’s hope that first impression is correct.


2 thoughts on “Slowly Moving Forward

  1. Lovely idea!! I love the colors – so joyful! I’m pretty sucky at French knots; I always have to practice a lot on a separate bit of fabric before attacking my project. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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