Top 3 of 2013: Hits


I’m joining Gillian and others in reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new one in the Top 5 posting. Although I’m changing the numbers up as my creation count hasn’t been on top this year.

I’m doing them in order, so first up is hits. Gillian suggested I’d put baby E, Erika, as my top creation and while she is the most perfect baby I don’t want to include her as a creation, she is so much more.

My best creation of 2013 is however related to her, the babynest. For the first month of her life she only slept on top of any of us, day and night. I made a babynest and as it turned out, she wanted to be snuggly. With the help of the babynest she began sleeping in her own bed and now she sleeps almost through the night. Best creation ever!

The assymetrical top is also one I’m proud of. It’s by no means perfect, but I’m venturing into knits as well as addressing the lack of tops in my me-made wardrobe. More practice in both is needed though.

My last hit will not be a creation, but rather the work I did within personal style. Now I just need to put theory into practice and work towards a colourful personal wardrobe and 2014.

As a last note, since I revealed baby E’s name, I thought I’d reveal the kiddo’s too. He is Gustav.


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