Top 3 of 2013: Misses

Even though I don’t have many creations under my belt for 2013, I still have some misses. Or “projects to learn from” to keep a positive spirit.


The Heavenly Nursing Dress was a great dress in theory and for the first wears. But as I wore it, the weight of the dress dragged it down and made th “nursing holes” visible from the front. I really like wearing it, those times I did it plus I played with the machine to make the jersey look neat, so at least I learnt something from this project. But, even though I do breast-feed in public, I’m just not keen on flashing my bra in between feedings. It could’ve have been a summer staple, but ended up being discarded after a few wears. At least I won’t be making any more nursing wear, so the need to cut holes in my clothes will disappear.

One of my dresses I put a lot of work into was my Bow Dress. The fabric is adorable and comfortable to wear and I put a lot of effort into the design and finishing. In my creation post I seemed happy enough, but I was fooling myself. The dress is too short and the colour does not look good on me. Plus, since the skirt is cut on the bias, is lightweight and have a bias tape finish, it drapes a bit weird, making the shortness even more apparant and it skims with plenty of emphasis on my thighs, not pretty. It’s my second fail on a pattern with so much promise, I love the bodice. Third time’s the charmed? But there are so many other patterns to try first.

My third fail will be the knot tank. As with the Bow Dress the colour is not for me, the straps don’t fully cover my bra straps and it’s clingy. It has never been worn and it is very likely that it never will be. It was a quick scrap project. I’ve never even blogged it, so I couldn’t even fool myself with it, as I could the Bow Dress.


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