Top 3 of 2013: Inspirations


What inspired me in 2013? I find it hard to draw inspiration; I’m not one of those people to look at a tree and whip out a stunning evening dress based on that tree. But a few things did inspire me:

Thrifting is a great way to shop. Although, I need to be careful. It’s easy to get swept away by the cheap prices and buy things that aren’t really “me” or what I need just because it’s cheap. I shall shop the thrift store with a plan, if I need a sweater I will look for sweaters. I’ve realised that my shopping habits have changed, I no longer long for just browsing stores randomly picking up things, I want a plan for my entire wardrobe. Being able to find things from stores I would not necessarily visit is another great thing about thrifting.

Me-Made-May is another great source for inspiration. While I like to read blogs, read about creations and technical aspects, it’s really great to see the clothes in action, how they are worn and styled for everyday life. Seeing all those pictures of sewists looking lovely every day makes me want to look lovely every day as well. Even though I didn’t succeed very well this year and I think it got a bit out of hand with too many people, it’s great to see everydday snapshots and it’s a great way for finding new blogs.

Sewing Nuts is a concept that has grown on Facebook for people in Sweden who sew. Earlier this year I joined a Sewing Nuts group for people in my part of the country and then I joined the “mother group” with people from all over Sweden who all sew clothing for adults. It’s inspiring and fun. The local group organises sewing meet-ups and next year I hope to attend a few, this year I have been “locked in” with a breast-feeding baby, even if I did bring her I wouldn’t get much sewing done anyway. It would be a lot of fun to meet people who sew AFK and not just through blogs.

The online sewing community as a whole is big group of supportive, inspiring people. Through blogs and Twitter I’m getting to know people, learning techniques, pondering style issues, discussing small and big aspects of sewing and life. A big thank you to all of you, ingen nämnd, ingen glömd (=no one mentioned, no one forgotten) as we say in Sweden. Let’s hope for a continued development of the sewing community and an inspiring 2014!


7 thoughts on “Top 3 of 2013: Inspirations

  1. Sewing Nuts does sound like a lot of fun! I do enjoy a good thrift-shopping run, too. It’s great for when I want a quick fashion fix and don’t necessarily have time to sew something.

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