Top 3 of 2013: Goals

wpid-11384379103_a621f96522.jpg(How many times have you seen this image in your reader? I stopped counting way back)

I’ve already talked about how I want to develop my blog and style, this portion will focus on sewing. Thinking about this post has set off plenty of ideas in my mind. However, not knowing what it’ll be like to work full time, have two kids and getting back into an exercise routine, I don’t want to set numerical goals, such as “sew at least 10 garments” since I have no idea if that’s doable or not.

The blog. I will try and publish at least one post a week (OK, so I started with a numerical goal). A creation, musing, guide, reflection. I want to keep the blog afloat. I do want a new name (though, not a new domain, the great thing about having chose a uiniversal domain), new layout (which will be a tmeplate, I suck at graphic design) and new feeling. Lately I’ve been playing with the idea of publishing posts in both Swedish and English, to reah out to the Swedish community more, but I still don’t want to lose the international possibilities. I also want to work on my photos, more outdoor shots, in action. Perhaps finally involve hubby in taking pictures so I don’t need to rely on the self-timer and a place to put the camera.

The wardrobe. I will focus a lot on building a wardrobe, with stuff that go together in style and colour. I will work out from my colour palette. This also includes getting rid of things, I have too many things in my wradrobe, things I hardly wear or really like. I’ve already donated two big bags to charity, there’s more to follow. If I need something I can’t sew, the first place to look will be thrift stores. I don’t limit myself to thrift stores and if I find something irresistable in a regular store I will allow myself to buy it. However, I won’t randomly stroll RTW stores and buying things that look cute, the things I buy, no matter where, need to fill a purpose. In addition, what I will focus on with sewing will be tops. I haven’t really found a great top pattern for me so I will look for that and make tops. I have plenty of skirts (although some are clearly made by a person in her early 20s) and I find them easy to make, now it’s time to find and make tops.

The stash. Regarding patterns, I have plenty of patterns I haven’t used. I will treat myself to 2 pattern books next year, otherwise I will make use of what I have (well, with a disclaimer if I were to the the PERFECT top pattern). Regarding fabrics, I will try and use up some of what I have, but I’m allowing myself new buys if they serve a purpose, or is a find. My goal is that my fabrics shall fit into two shelves by the end of the year, wish me luck. I will also try and finish a few UFOs I have lying around, or discard them.

I have big ambitions for the next year, one of which is to loosen the grip the TV has on me. Another is getting back in shape, I started out pretty well this fall, but then it got dark and cold, meaning I didn’t take as many walks as in the early autumn, Christmas came and we have treats all over. So, 2014 will be the year when I take control over myself and my time and hoping it won’t leave me too exhausted. If you can dream it, you can do it – Walt Disney. And I’m dreaming… (but still well aware that life may get in the way)


One thought on “Top 3 of 2013: Goals

  1. Looks like some great goals! I really need to focus on some stashbusting, too. My shelves are jam-packed full and I still had to leave some things in the scrap bins in the closet!

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