My Sewist’s Secret Santa Gift

By the nick of time, meaning I sent my e-mail the day after final closing, I managed to join Sewist’s Secret Santa, hosted by A Krafty Kat. I’ve sent away my own package and now I’m stalking my recipient’s blog to see if she liked it and, of course, I’ve opened my own gift.

Since I was in the “international” group I know which country my gift comes from, but I’m not going to reveal that… Onto the gifts!


I recieved a piece of fabric and a card. The card was lovely written about christmas, sewing and family relations. However, seeing it made me realise that my letter to my recipient wasn’t as lovely, let’s hope she doesn’t mind! (Oh, and Santa, it was kind of good you didn’t find a merino jersey since wool makes me itch.


The fabric is an aqua-teal silk (bad lighting on this last day of 2013). It has small squares on it. As I pulled it out of my package I immediately thought “blouse”, perhaps a Taffy, but I’m not sure there’s enough for a Taffy since it’s cut on the bias. I will search for a blouse pattern that will suit this fabric, which is very light and flowy.

Thank you so much Santa, I hope to sew my new fabric in 2014!


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