Why I Don’t Stashbust

One common goal in sewing seems to be stashbusting. There are groups and sewalongs dedicated to this matter and I wish I could join in on the fun. But I can’t, my stash is not big and diverse enough. Don’t believe me?

This a picture of my uncut fabrics. However I’ve excluded two pieces, one that is meant for curtains and one I’ve bought as a muslin fabric. This is it. I don’t drown in fabrics or can swim around in them. I do however have a few UFOs as well as some fabric that has been cut but not gotten any further (do to sizing). So, the way I see it I don’t have THAT much fabric that I “shouldn’t” be allowed more. (I have some scraps too, but since I usually buy for specific projects, I throw away the leftovers. There are a few “big enough pieces too, but not many)

So, if I don’t have that much fabric, it wouldn’t be too hard to use it before I buy new, right? The thing is, most of these (excluding one) are wovens. Most of them also have an idea. For the first part of 2014 (and perhaps longer) I want to focus on getting in shape, find an exercise routine and, as much as I hate to say it, lose some baby weight. I want my clothes to fit better and look better on me. It’s not very smart to make fitted garments in woven for a body I want to change and hopefully will. Apart from this, I also want to work with knits (did anyone say Tiramisu?) and whenever I buy knits they tend to get used right away, therefore I have no knits in my stash. What I can do is focus on buying knits instead of wovens, but if a luscious piece in the scrap bin, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist. I’ll try and focus my shopping on knits, though.

I do however want to focus on the patterns I have, they are not many, but they shoulnd’t be left unused. Apart for the ones I have (a number of magazines (like 10), 7 envelope patterns and Burdastyle’s and Colette’s sewing handbooks) I will buy two sewing books and hopefully get buy on that this year (although, the Cabarita looks so tempting and I don’t know what pattern makers have up their sleeve).

There you have it, my version of stashbusting. Focus on buying knits and using the patterns I have.

Do you stashbust? Or do you, like me own a modest number of fabrics/patterns?

(Fabrics in the picture
Left Top to bottom: Black heavy denim (probably skirts), dark teal satin (thinking Hawthorn, but it might not be enough), aqua silk (Thinking Taffy), grey poplin, stretch netting (no ideas. Giveaway?).
Right TtB: Printed cotton (a dress of some sort), purple linen (no idea), polka dot cotton (heavyweight, a dress), pinstripe stretch denim (planning a suit, but I need more time than I currently have), aubergine “party satin” (jacket or structured skirt), teal satin (Secret Santa Gift, a blouse)


5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Stashbust

  1. I think that’s an excellent reason not to stashbust! It seems you have a quite manageable amount. Me, I counted over 300 yards, it doesn’t all fit on their allotted shelves, and I also have 3 boxes of patterns, not counting Burda magazines and books like the Colette handbook! So it’s either stashbust, or go on some show about hoarding, lol.

  2. Unfortunately my stash is a bit bigger, especially the leftovers from finished projects! I’m keeping them with the intention of quilting (some day!) but they sure do take up space!

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