Sew For a Change

With all the stashbusting I can’t join I feel left out. However, thanks to a good link about an FBA tutorial, I found a new blog and a new challenge. The Sew For a Change Challenge.

It’s two Swedish bloggers behind this challenge, Alexandra and Malin. The challenge is about sustainability in what we buy and wear. At the beginning of the year each participant is given 75 points to spend on fabrics and any items of clothing, with different costs for different garments. Through monthly challenges we can receive extra points to spend on other things. All rules can be found here.

This challenge is actually perfect for me since I’m allowed to shop my stash for free, but it is not forbidden for me to buy new fabric, as long as I stay within budget. Also, second hand shopping is encouraged since it is free, but again, I’m not forbidden to buy new items within my points budget.

So, this is what I will be doing during 2014. A new challenge, I like it! And I’m so committed that I’ve already got the badge up, see right column.


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