Sew For a Change – January

Today it is February 1st, which means my sustainability challenge Sew for a Change begins. I’m thinking it will be easy “since I don’t shop that much”, but last year I’ve been on parental leave and haven’t needed many new things. I don’t know how that will change now that I go back to work. Perhaps it is true that I don’t shop that much, at least not retail, or maybe I’m in for an awakening. Either way I will learn something about myself and my habits.

Sew for a Change – The Rules (credit

Anyway, I thought I’d do a monthly summary to see how I did. In this summary I will include purchases, creations and how I did in the star challenge.


We were starting out with 75 points for shopping according to a point system; RTW costs more points than fabrics and environmental friendly materials are cheaper (full details here). I did buy some fabrics in January, after I signed up for the challenge, but before it officially began. My conscience doesn’t let it slide that I hoarded (fabrics from stash are free from points), but since the challenge hadn’t officially begun, I’m taking half the points. Thus, I have so far spent 10 points on fabrics.

For February’s star challenge we are suppose to de-clutter. One item per day, and we can’t throw it in the trash. Since I have a bag full of clothes meant for goodwill, I should be able to pass this challenge. But I am also using it as motivation to try and sell our baby sitter and baby car seat, as well as getting rid of some books.

Ingoing points: 75p
1.75 m and 2 m of jersey
3.25 m of cotton/poly blend
0.75 m stretch denim
1.25 m manchester

Total fabrics: -10 p
Raglan t-shirt
Bow t-shirt

Outgoing points: 65p

Are you participating in a challenge this year? Is it about style, sustainability or something else?


2 thoughts on “Sew For a Change – January

    • Japp. Även om jag köpte tygerna i januari när det var “tillåtet” kunde jag inte med gott samvete bygga upp ett lager. Snart är ett av tygerna en användbar klänning, dessutom.

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