Wardrobe Architect 3: Shapes of Me

I found this week’s task fairly simple. I have a good feeling for what shapes I like on me, so it wasn’t very hard to so the assessments that this week’s exercise called for.

For things on my upper half (dresses, blouses, tops) I prefer a fitted or somewhat fitted ease. I may wear something somewhat loose, but then I will most definitely tuck it in or belt it, if I can’t have anything else I will at least have waist definition. For tops and blouses I prefer the “above hip” length, with an occassional tunic length. No crop tops for me!

Layering pieces, such as cardigans, jackets and outerwear, I may go a bit longer and with a bit more ease, if I can belt them. I can also go cropped length with these as I will wear something underneath.

For skirts (both separates and in dresses) I prefer knee length or mid-thigh. No minis or midis (mid-calf), but the occassional maxi could work. As for fullness, I do like everything except very fitted, with a preference for somewhat full and A-line.

I like my wasitline natural or a bit low, skirts I like to wear on the hip. No dropped waistline in dresses and rarely no waistline. However, I do want to try and make a dress with no waistline to see how it would look. As I said above, it must be belted to give me definition. I do not care for clothes which hang straight down from the breasts.

Regarding necklines it is easy to draw the conclusion that I don’t like things high up around my neck, turtlenecks and boat necks are out! The cowl also go low rating do to the fact that I don’t like adding things to my chest. Plus I wish to wear a proper bra, so anything that would show bra straps is also out. That leaves v-neck, u-neck, squarte, sweetheart, jewel and scoop.

With sleeves I want no sleeves, short sleeves or full length sleeves. Nothing in between. And no cap sleeves, I really don’t like them on me.

There you have it, a bunch of text on which shapes I like. It wouldn’t be too hard to figure this out by looking at the things I’ve already made, but it’s good to think about and have it written down.

Next week, I might even publish a creation. Imagine that!


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