The Nap Time T-shirt

I’ve broken in my new overlocker and made myself a t-shirt. I didn’t quite get where and when to use the overlocker and when I couldn’t. So the side seams and the sleeve attatchment is sewn on the overlocker, the gathers, hems and neckband are sewn on my regular machine.T-shirt front The Yay! It was a rather quick project, finished over the course of several nap times for baby E. I can imagine making more of them, long sleeved as well as short sleeved. The t-shirt is comfortable and I like the sleeve gathers. I had some problems getting started on my overlocker, but with this first project I’ve learnt a lot. There is probably much, much more to learn, but I like learning by doing.T-shirt bakc The Meh Being overwhelmed by my overlocker I didn’t even try to do the gathers on it. I used my regular machine. I always find it hard to attach gathers, there’s always somewhere the fabric gets twisted. This is my second sleeve attempt. My first was a mess. I had to restitch the first sleeves so many times and then having three och four sets of overlock stitched on top of each other was very chunky. So, I cut them off and re-set new ones- The first ones were also yellow, I used had a contrast neckband. Since I was re-cutting them anyway I figured I could might as well do contrast sleeves as well as making them long, my first ones were short. The fabric is visocose jersey, so it’s not very comfortable in too much heat anyway.

As I mentioned in my 2013 reflections post   , I tend to take shortcuts. The gathers for this t-shirt was one of those in my mind. I only do one row, even though I know you should do at least two, and then I have issues distributing the gathers evenly, keeping the fabric from rolling, pinning it and I end up spending more time correcting these things than it would have taken to do them properly. Lesson learnt.Sleeve

The Facts Both fabrics are viscose jersey and since they are the same weight it was easy to do the contrast sleeves. I might even make a totally opposite t-shirt later. The only thing else needed was thread, I used cream thread on my overlocker, so I used cream thread on the sewing machine as well. The pattern is Burdastyle 02-2012-127, a great pattern for a raglan tee, I’ve seen it widely used across the blogosphere. The sleeves, as well as the bodice are long, but that’s one of the easier pattern adjustments to make. The neckband is a bit too long for me, if I make it again I will reduced the length of it. Otherwise it’s an easy pattern for a quick t-shirt with a twist. T-shirt sideThe Name The t-shirt was mostly sewn during several of baby E’s naps. As soon as I’d put her down I’d rush to my project to hopefully get at least one hour of work. The Summary I’m pretty pleased with this make. Bold colours, I don’t think anything in my wardrobe is in either colour, and a perfect t-shirt for hanging around the house or doing leisure activities. The inside of the sleeves are a mess though since I had to redo the sleeve seams a few times, but let’s not talk about them anymore and move forward with my lessons learnt. There’s definitely more to learn about my overlocker, this is just the beginning!


4 thoughts on “The Nap Time T-shirt

  1. I love using my overlocker! I hope you will be comfortable with yours soon too! They’re so much fun (and really fast)!
    I like the colours of your new shirt! And the pattern too. I’ve made it twice and both times made the neckhole smaller. I think the instructions tell you to cut off the seam allowance but I just ignored that! 🙂

  2. Great shirt! I’ve not used my overlocker much the last little while as it seems that the knits I’ve been using have damaged it. It’s strange because the overlocker is supposed to be specifically for sewing knits and yet, mine was better at just finishing seams on wovens.

  3. I’m still learning about my overlocker too- getting the tension right is a constant struggle, often even within the same project! The shirt looks good, I like the bright, cheery colors.

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