Fabric Giveaway!

It’s a trend this year, to stashbust and de-clutter. I’m on team de-clutter and I’m hoping someone out there won’t mind bringing home some fabrics.

I have two fabrics that have been in my pile for so long and since I haven’t used them yet chances are low I ever will. So I’m giving them the opportunity to get chopped up and put together awkwardly elsewhere… wait, I’m giving my readers the opportunity to get some fabric!

First up is an army green netting. It has stretch and is slightly stripey in the netting (more and less tight weave). I have 1.5 metres on 1.4 m width.

Stretch netting

The second fabric is a purple cotton/linen blend. Medium weight, slightly sheer and drapey. I have 1 metre of 1.4 m width of this.

Purple Fabric

If you wish any of the fabrics (and help me in my de-clutter challenge) leave a comment stating which fabric you want (maybe both?). I’ll ship it anywhere in the world and hopefully I’ll see these fabrics finally made up as a garment. I will keep the giveaway open until Sun Feb 16 (which in practicality will be 7 am EST on Monday morning).

I hope someone out there likes my fabrics and will make more use of them than I have! Good luck.


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