Creation: Rule Britannia Dress

Can you imagine I’ve sewed something for a sewalong? It currently is #SewBlueFebruary and while I didn’t have that in mind as I bought the fabric, I later realised that I could join in. See, the fabric has blue in it.

The Britannia

Last Spring I saw a documentary on Queen Elizabeth II, BBC had made it in honour of the diamond jubilee. It was very easy to state two things: One, the queen is so much cooler than our king and two, I want to see this documentary on the Swedish king (it was very neutral and a Swedish documentary would be either pro or con monarchy). Another thing that stuck by me was how fondly the queen spoke of her yacht, the Britannia. One of the queen’s grandchildren talked about that the yacht was the only place where the queen could totally be herself, which I can understand as she was out at sea with no risk of paparazzi or journalists stalking her. In 1997 the British government decided that the ship was too expensive and the queen had to give up her beloved ship. It is now a museum in Edinburgh, if I’m ever there I will make sure to visit it.

The Inspiration and Aquisition

Anyway, this fabric came out in 2012 and I thought it was too much. Then I saw Anna’s (of Mormor hade stil) dress in that fabric and as I stumbled across a 1.75 m piece in the scrap bin at the store I bought it since she made the fabric work. Thus, I ended up with a comfortable dress in an abstract British flag dress. (Husband did not see that it was inspired by the British flag, my sister did). The fabric is a Jersey from Stoff och Stil. I didn’t sew it on my overlocker, I wanted to sew and not worry about working the machine, so it is completely sewn on my regular machine.

Rule Britannia Dress (4)

The pattern is McCall’s “Perfect knit dress” (5974, OOP), which I won from Stephanie at Starcross Sewing. I did view A with a U-neckline and short sleeves, it was the only version I could squeeze out from my piece.
This is a Palmer & Pletsch pattern so it has slash lines for alterations printed on the pattern, this prompted me to make my very first FBA. It fits great! So well that even my husband pointed it out. Why haven’t I bothered with these before? Lazy self! I added one inch on the bodice, so two inches in total. It was probably at bit too much, so for my next version I’ll take it down a bit. I also took the dress in at the side seams with 0.5 cm per side, it was also shortened to hit me at the knee. I finished the neckline with twin stitch on a narrow hem, for any upcoming versions I’m thinking I might make a band finish instead as the stitching stretched the neckline a bit.

Rule Britannia Dress (6)

Final Thoughts
I love wearing this dress! It is comforatble and fun, yet appropriate. Does it fit in with my style words? Comfortable, colourful, feminine, put together and structure. I think so! I paid 137 SEK (€15.5) for the fabric and it became a dress that fits beautifully and is fun. I’m expecting heavy rotation on this dress and have already planned another one with the same pattern. That one, however, requires pattern matching (striped fabric).

Have you avoided any techniques out of fear? Do you do patriotic clothing, even if it’s not for your country?



8 thoughts on “Creation: Rule Britannia Dress

  1. Does wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day count? I did have a Union Jack t-shirt when I was a teenager…a Union Jack in the shape of a butterfly, that is.

    I like the dress! And that it has that British flag flair without being completely in your face about it.

  2. Really live the fabric. The dress highlights it!
    I figure instead of fearing a technique, try it and learn from your mistakes. This is what I am doing currently with a pants project. Fitting is a nightmare.

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